Friday, 13 May 2011

FedCon XX: Day 2

And here's Day 2! Fresher than usual on that day, and that's what happens if your go nighty night on time, kiddos! We start the day with some photoshoots, first of all with Scott Bakula. As we enter in the room we notice what a wonderful guy Scott really is: he walks up to you, shakes your hand as if REALLY pleased to see you and chit-chats while the picture is being taken. That's why I look very relaxed on mine, as I discover later that day! Another photo a bit later , this time with Wil Wheaton, who is polite and pleasant as always. Walking back from the photoshoot to the dealer's room, my eye falls on something really incredible: a lifesize copy of Harry Potter's Marauder's Map framed in a wonderful and rather authentic looking frame. We dare ask what this would cost and as the price is quite reasonable we mumble the spell “We solemnly swear we're up to no good” and the Map is ours. We find out later that the whole thing unfolds to show a 3D map of Hogwarts, but the main thing is: this item will grace our display cabinet like nothing will! “Mischief managed!”
and hotel reservations.

And then it is time for the big autograph session. As we are part of the Special Needs group we are more or less used to get to this rather quickly. Not this time though; it takes us about two hours and we by that time are still not done. Our assistant Maren takes us up to get Scott Bakula's autographs but next day we will have to come back for a few more, as my dear husband has politely collapsed.

After dinner the evening is filled with panels: first Richard Dean Anderson, the Paul McGillion and Scott Bakula and finally Marina Sirtis, which we actually skipped, being too tired. All three of them nice yet all three of them very different in atmosphere. I thought RDA's panel sometimes drowned in the silliness of the questions and comments fired at him, to which he responded quite well, though. Occassionally, there was an opportunity to see the 'person behind the actor'. Scott's panel was quite different: interesting and brought with a genuine warmth and a very personal touch. To me he seemed of all the Star Trek captains I've met the most approachable.

And Paul McGillion´s panel took an unexpected turn when he quizzed off his SGA ´Duet´call sheet by asking us what was the name of Nicole de Boer´s character in Stargate Atlantis. Now, purely by coincidence, earlier that afternoon we had Nicole sign two photos with her as that character, and we asked her to sign it with the character name as well, if she recalled. After a while she did, and thus we were able to yell out the answer and got hold of an interesting and unique item. Interesting, because I am still completely mystified about what is actually printed on that thing. Respect for the actors who can make heads or tails out of that one!

A day later we had that signed by Paul and told him this story (as he started out by `You guys are really a bunch of super-nerds to come up with that answer!`). So, thanks for making that effort to remember, Nicole, we owe you one big time!

So, a long an hectic day, where a lot of fun was had by all. Hopes for a bigger party opportunity were up, yet in vain. So I called it a day, actually before midnight! That early was at least one of my FedCon firsts!

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