Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Excel 2010 Expert Course by Candles Flame Training- A review

Just for a change, a more professional blog entry this time. This one's about a recent profesional training I did, which afterwards left me thinking why in the world do we professionals take our computer and software skills so much for granted. Doing this training convinced me that present day computer software has so many advanced features that most of us sometimes aren't even aware of. We do our work very often the same way we did 20-30 years ago, when the use of personal computers was non-existent or less widespread, and the software necessarily less advanced. I think that a training as I did does miracles in increasing awareness of effectiveness-enhancing features in modern office software and thus contribute to increase productivity. This is my review of this training:

" As an avid and prolific professional user of Microsoft Excel in my profession, I was very happy and excited to see all the great new features of the 2010 suite of this program. But as things usually go, there is no time to sit down and get to the bottom of it all. And that actually is a pity, since there are quite a number of great things built into Excel that makes the life of a data analist considerably easier and therefore more productive. That is why I decide to take the Excel 2010 Expert Course as provided by Candles Flame Training.

This training made me even more enthusiastic about Excel 2010, as I was able to immediately put to good use what I was learning into my various projects. Following this training actually enabled me to finally neatly and elegantly solve a few problems I was struggling with for quite some time.

This training is addressing many issues within Excel that most of us know are there, but preciously few of us know how to use. The training focusses on the newly added functions within 2010, for instance the multiple testing possibilities within the SUM, AVERAGE etc. functions. Exceptionally valuable and powerful are the newly developed Conditional Formatting tools, which are a dream for reporting and visualization purposes. The concept of Pivot Tables and advanced Data Analysis tools for in depth data analysis has also been renewed and refreshed and these also provide many opportunities to increase productivity, just with one or two clicks. Finally, the use of macros to increase the power of Excel and to automate repetitive and complicated tasks was addressed, with a wonderful introduction to VBA programming on top.

What I really enjoyed in this training was the combination of lectures and getting hands-on experience using Candles Flame’s own mobile computer classroom. Trainer Bill Rumley-Van Gurp clearly knows what he is talking about, and he has a pleasant way of explaining some quite complicated topics. The training schedule (5 days of two hours each) I also found quite effective and pleasant, as it is easy to stay alert for just few hours, rather than have the entire contents brought to you within one or two full days, as is often the case with trainings such as these. This set-up enables one to fully absorb and being able to exercise with the material presented. To me this is a clear benefit!

To me this training has been quite valuable professionally, as it has helped me considerably in solving some data analysis problems I was having, and I was attacking mainly by brute force (and thus taking up too much time). Candles Flame Excel 2010 Expert Course has taught me the use of elegance and effectiveness. I heartily recommend this training to anyone working with Excel 2010 on a more than basic level. "
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