Wednesday, 18 May 2011

FedCon XX: The Finals!!!

(I borrow this one from George Takei): Oooohhhhh Myyyyy.....That sums up how I feel early in the morning at breakfast. Now this is the usual Sunday morning feeling at FedCon, so I am in synch with the timing...First thing today: a double photoshoot with the Boba Fetts, Jeremy Bulloch and Daniel Logan. Now Jeremy is right on time, but where's Daniel? “Just waking up” says Rafael, “I am going back to get him“. And indeed, 10 minutes later young Boba Fett takes his spot and we march in to have our pic taken. After that, back into the auditorium to listen to Tony Amendola talk about a lot of things and being interviewed with some really good questions. Then we stay there to listen to Lance Henriksen, someone who's work I personally do (or rather, did) not know (yep, shame on me!). And that is one of the great things of FedCon: you get to meet and get aquainted with new people and new stuff!

We skip Dirk Benedicts panel for lunch and I sit in with Jeremy Bulloch's panel which has magically turned into Daniel Logan´s panel. This turns out to be an interesting and – here´s that word again – cosy get-together in which we really get to know Daniel and what makes him tick (or bounce, which in his case is more appropriate, bless´em!). Back to the main hall for the final two panels of this con. First Garrett Wang and Robert Duncan McNeill who in my opinion delivered my favorite panel of this convention. Witty, fun and of course both show us their best Captain Janeway impersonations. And Garrett goes even further than that: he shows us what Genevieve Bujold as the first candidate for Janeway looked like. All I can say is, and I say this with the utmost respect, that I am glad Ms. Bujold decided to quit. But it gives us a hilarious piece of entertainment. Did I also mention that Garrett finally got the promotion Harry Kim so desperately wanted? Out of the hands of `Captain Archer´ no less, Garrett is finally promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant! But that was last night....

And then, as the final, the last panel with Richard Dean Anderson. Which turns out to be very similar to his first one, and I find myself desparately wishing for the questioneers Tony Amendola had earlier.
And then....It is over. FedCon XX is a wrap. One more time we applaud and cheer the actors and other guests, and when Garrett Wang enters the stage, he receives a standing ovation for a job extremely well done. Dirk Bartholomae enters the stage and asks us if we want to see him again next year, and as the Maritim Auditorium explodes, we are told who the first guest for next year will be: Garrett Wang!
After all this excitement we skip into what used to be the dealers´ room to say bye bye to our friends, but, alas, they have already packed up and gone, so we go to the restaurant to have dinner. And the evening we spend reminiscing in the hotel bar.

On a scale of 1 to ten I award this FedCon a big fat 9+. There really is not that much wrong, at least in our experience. The only exception is the party area: that should be considerably larger if we want to have the FedCon party atmosphere of old. ( And Dirk has already announced that this will happen next year!).

Thanks to everyone at FedCon. Orga, Volunteers, Antje, Maren and Sandra from Behinderbetreuung, Kenny, Pamela, Ron and Tiggy and Willy, our freidns form the Federation and all the actors and wonderfuil fans: we love you. Till next year!

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