Saturday, 14 May 2011

FedCon XX: Day 3 (or is it 4 already?)

Day 3! Which in this case is the Saturday. As FedCon currently takes four days to complete, this feels a trifle awkward: traditionally, Day 3 is the “post-party” day, with most of the morning sessions spent in a kind of half-drunken-half-hungover stupor. But hey, the Big Party -if there's going to be one, and people, so far it does not look that well!- is scheduled for tonight, so that will probably take splace on Day 4.

We start the day with a revisit to the autograph room in order to complete our autographs. We begin with Dirk Benedict who yesterday was slow ,slower, slowest, with lines in front of his tabel to match (“3 hours!” as per buzz!). We find people already lined up for him, but as 'Behinderte' we go first and we promise the waiting to be as quick as humanly possible. Dirk is chatting away as usual, but we are able to get away with his autograph within a few minutes or so. Last is Paul McGillion who happily signs the call sheet and is sort of relieved when we tell him how we got to know the answer to his question yesterday, which is not due to nerdiness. Nicole is busy signing, otherwise we would have dropped by to share with her as well...

Another photoshoot, with Kate Vernon this time. Funny moment when we both get a fit of the giggles, no one really knows why, but Kate, being the professional that she is, recovers in an instant, while I am still very visibly trying to retain a semblance of seriousness. Visibly, as the result is a picture in which it seems she's tickling me or something (which she did not!)....

The rest of the afternoon is spent running from one panel to the next. Sean Maher gives a nice, laid back and very funny panel with extensive use of a 'Sarcasm' sign. Bouncy boy Daniel Logan is next , at least according to the schedule, but it turns out that Jeremy Bulloch has joined him on stage, so we are treated to an audience with the 'Boba Fetts'. Quite an interesting an entertaining panel, with an interesting contrast between gentleman Jeremy and young Daniel!

After this, it is dinner time and as we habitually skip the costume contest, we've also got some time to spend with our dealer friends (and buy more stuff, evidently). Final panel of the day is Scott Bakula's. Back in time only to learn that the whole show is at least 45 minutes late. So we get the final costume award ceremony and are treated to a smashing performance of showband 'The Sarlacc Survivors' who really bring the house down with their Star Wars show, complete with a singing Darth Maul and a wompa turned Elvis (or the other way around).

Finally, there's Scott again to answer more questions about Quantum Leap and, of course, Star Trek Enterprise. A bit of an awkard moment arises when someone asks Scott where his last name is from and if he knows what it means. “Yep, it is from a family in the Czech Republic, but I don't know what it means”, replies Scott. The guy asking the question, however, does not accept this answer but insists that “bakula” is in fact Polish and means something like 'filthy liar'. Boy, how to respond to this one....”smile and wave” (or the on-stage equivalent of this).

After Scott is done, it is finally: party time! Some of the Dutch contingency -including me- have something special: orange (which is our national colour) T-shirts which say: “As a finishing touch, God created the Dutch”. There's also our party yell: “Da Dutch, da Dutch, da Dutch are inda house!”. An this time it works, even on the crowded, small dance floor: the FedCon party atmosphere is back! Later that night, it even extends to the area outside the bar and it is around 3:30 that I hit the sack. Tired and sweaty of dancing, but hey, party was finally upon us...

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