Monday, 31 December 2012

My New Years Wishes

For the New Year 2013 I wish and desire:

1. That a new light will start shining , a light of respect for all that lives, a light of sacredness of all existence, a light of Balance;
2. That a proclamation of our connectedness with all that lives is heard by all, and that holes in the Web of Light that connect us are mended
3. That true understanding will dawn into the world, and that our sorrows of fear and anguish are taken away from us
... 4. That a wave of Wisdom will spread over the world, thus taming the forces of Chaos and subdue them.
5. That we rediscover the mercy that is Silence and the value of real communication with each other
6. That we find the courage to look at ourselves in the light of the Flaming Torch of Justice and thus start our growth,
7. That we refill the emptiness of our hearts and existence with Purifying waves of Love and Beauty
8. That a Desire for Beauty and Balance will start pervading our world and start to bear fruit
9. That I may dedicate my Work to bring into the Light the sacredness that is buried inside all existence.
10.That the world abandon fear, rediscover the sacredness of existence and allow everything to fulfill its destiny and freedom, according to the Will of the All so that all may live in health, happiness, prosperity and in Light.

Fiat LVX, Fiat LVX, Fiat LVX!!!

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