Sunday, 23 December 2012

Letting go, letting go…

Some people are into letting things go…usually, they are referring to things that have been bugging them for some time, or things that they have been carrying around. Then, all of a sudden, it is “time to let things go, to cut the cords, to say goodbye to all that pain and suffering”. Yep. Sounds like a good idea. But is it?
In my experience, letting such energies –because that is what they are- just go is asking for them to eventually return to you. Your own experiences carry your own special ‘energy signature’ so to speak, they belong to you and your life. Cutting them off of you causes them to float around. With really nowhere to go, as they originally belong to you and this means they are yours to deal with. So after a while, a few months, a year perhaps or even longer, you find yourself in exact the same situation as before. Those energies that you have let go before, have found you again!
I think it is much better not to just let them go but to give them a place in your life. And that is done by transforming them from a source of weakness into a source of power. And yep, that is a lot more work than just letting them float off into space. But that is where inner growth can start: from the power that is released by that inner alchemy. 

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